About ABC

ABC was formed in 2005 to develop a range of new pensions and benefits services targeted at smaller schemes seeking cost effective solutions. The solutions can be built from pre-designed components ranging from content management functionality to state benefit calculators. After many years of building solutions specifically for the pensions sector, ABC can usually predict 80% of what will be needed for a new client's website, leaving less than 20% of bespoke development.

The aim of an ABC solution to take as much of the load from the pensions team as possible so we provide not just consulting expertise but design capability, project management, a development team and even the choice of our three hosting facilities.

About Allen

Allen Brown has been earning his keep around the web since 1995 but only formed his own company in 2005 after working for a succession of large consultancies.  Along the way, he’s helped organisations such as BP, Sun Microsystems, Barclays, IBM, Oracle, Prudential, Fidelity, Siemens, Railways Pension Management, Credit Suisse, Daily Mail Group Trust, Philips, Eastman Kodak, Chevron and the FSA with their web communication. 

Prior to the formation of ABC, Allen was Head of Web Services at Aon Consulting from 1999 to 2005 and previously Head of eCommerce at Mercer.

View Allen Brown's profile on LinkedInAllen's specialties include web technology, employee benefits, software design, project management and account management. He is a regular speaker on these issues at seminars and conferences.

In his spare time - on the occasions he can find some - Allen is editor of OldRacingCars.com, a motor racing history website.

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