Pensions, benefits and total reward services

Communicating with your employees about their terms of employment, benefits and responsibilities shouldn't be difficult. But terms change and benefits change and the media you use have to be flexible and responsive enough to cope with those changes and get your message across effectively.

We specialise in providing you with the means to communicate in a flexible and cost-effective way.

Pension information websites

A custom-built website provides a cost-effective medium to communicate pensions issues to your employees. Within such a site would be the main elements of a pensions booklet, such as benefits, contributions and investment options but also news, FAQs and a library of documents.

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Benefits information websites

A benefits website can contain up-to-date details of all benefits available to employees, from holiday and sick leave entitlement to pension, company car and life assurance. Each section can link to all required forms and to FAQs (frequently asked questions).

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Pension option modellers

When benefits change or if employees are presented with a choice between two benefit options, an online modeller allows the employee to directly compare their options and make an informed decision.

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Pension statement websites

Pension providers can typically provide some online access to members' data but this may not always give you the flexibility you require for effective communication. A custom-built pension statement website can take data from one or more source and display information in a clear and concise fashion, reinforcing your communication objectives.

Total reward statement websites

The benefits you provide to your employees may be spread across a range of benefit providers, each with their own login. A custom-built site can bring together data from those providers and make it available to your employees through a single website adhering to your chosen branding and supporting your communication goals.

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Transactional pension websites

Integrating with your HR system or with your provider's pension administration system allows users to update personal information directly, reducing admin costs.

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